Kindness and Karma

Do you believe in karma? You know whereby doing good begets good, and evil begets evil. If a person frequently does good deeds, good fortune will come to him or her; and likewise for evil deeds.

I’m Catholic and never really believed in karma until my 30s. I’ve heard about it before from my Buddhist friends, from the television and perhaps the on-off mention in books and news over the years, but never really believed in it until the last few years. I had always thought that we human beings make our own luck, that there’s no such thing as having your destiny or luck decided by what good or evil you do in life.

LOL in movies, the bad guys would win at the start, only to be defeated at the end. Then there are also those whereby the good guys die early while the bad guys prevail. Does this happen in real life? Probably.

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I have this belief that what goes around comes around. Life is like a boomerang. You throw out a good boomerang, it will come back nicely to you. You throw it out in a messy manner, it will come back to hit and hurt you. Karma is somewhat like that, but in a more profound sense. The bad luck may not befall you, but it may do so unto your loved ones. A family member may suffer due to cancer, or may not have a smooth education or career, may have a troubled marriage life and so on. It may even affect the next generation. Sounds bizarre and ridiculous? Well, it’s up to you to believe. If you think this is bollocks, just ‘crush this up and throw it into the dustbin’, no worries.

If I were to look at my wife’s family, her grandparents were very kind people, and helped a lot of their family members in various ways. This could be in the form of financial assistance, purchasing homes to live in or simply being kind and forgiving. Their children (including my wife’s mother aka my mum-in-law) all went on to establish their own businesses and careers. Yes of course, nothing in life is totally smooth sailing, but there is a strong belief in the family that it is because of the good deeds done by the earlier generation, that paved the way forward for the descendants.

I myself have my own share of experiences too. Being the task oriented me, I have stepped on a lot of toes over the years. But hard knocks and valuable experiences have taught me that it pays to be kind, that it pays to be patient, that it pays to be forgiving, and somehow life’s goodness will come back unto me. I feel more at peace with myself when good deeds are done on a frequent basis. Even though I’m a Catholic, I somehow subscribe deeper into Buddhist beliefs.

A few years back, an under performing subordinate pleaded with me to be more understanding to him, and that he needs to support his family with his job. I told him that ‘it’s not important to the organisation at all’ and he should focus on raising his performance level. That must be one of the most cruel things I have ever said to anyone, and I still cringe whenever this comes to mind. In all honesty, hindsight has taught me to be humbler and kinder. As I looked back at some of the misfortune that has befallen me in the past, I couldn’t help but wonder……if they were linked to my ‘cruel moments’.

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Life can often be a law of numbers. The more good things you do, the more goodness will come back to you in ways you least expect. Of course, it would be totally wrong to do good deeds for the ulterior motive of getting immediate gratification from life. Rather, we do good because we really want people to feel good, not only about us but themselves too. This all may sound really bizarre, but it’s true.

Sometimes when you are lost or down in life, do take the time to look back and reflect on the things you have done. Did it make you a better and kinder person, or did it only fuel your evilness? This song ‘God will make a way for you’ is very meaningful. The Lord has his plans for you, and just when you think you have figured it out, it’s actually not the supposed path. Like karma, sometimes, you wonder where this good or bad boomerang came from. We sow what we reap, what goes around comes around.

What about you? When was the last time you felt like you had done something really bad? Do you think you are a person who is kind? Do you believe in karma? I think it’s always good to a do a lot of self-reflection, so that we can always do better, not only for ourselves but for the ones we love. Cheers!

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