My experience hiring people

It’s been some months since I have left the education industry to embark on my own work journey. Very soon, I will be starting on a new business with my wife and it’s about time to start hiring staff. Hiring strangers can be a real challenge as all you have is their CV, an interviewContinue reading “My experience hiring people”

Kindness and Karma

Do you believe in karma? You know whereby doing good begets good, and evil begets evil. If a person frequently does good deeds, good fortune will come to him or her; and likewise for evil deeds. I’m Catholic and never really believed in karma until my 30s. I’ve heard about it before from my BuddhistContinue reading “Kindness and Karma”

Loneliness for the lonely

Lonely, lonely loneliness. Hehehe, all of us must have experienced this before in varying degrees. Most people live with it all of their lives, while some do not, become very depressed and end it all. Loneliness I believe, can occur at any stage of life. Which one are you? Definitely not 1 and 2 thoughContinue reading “Loneliness for the lonely”